Progess of 10 weeks worth of training with Amir. Muscles mass added while dropping some body fat

Amir Shah


American University Dubai

Charles is the best trainer I've had and I've had many. I came to Charles in the hopes that he knew how do trigger point therapy and get my stiff back lose so I could perform better while training. I talked to him for a bit a within in a few minutes from talking to him, unlike so many other trainers that encountered, I knew he knew he his stuff.


I started of with only 12 sessions with him, but after seeing great results within 2 weeks I continued with Charles and took another 30 sessions. I lost body fat while gaining lean muscle mass and moved from 80kg to 90 kg of pure lean muscle. I was very impressed. If I didn't have to leave the country I would have kept Charles as my trainer for many more years to come. It didn't even feel like he was my trainer, more like my gym partner. Each week we would improve on my body and my strength and he would always give me something new and impressive to shock my body. I have recommended Charles to many of my friends when they have asked what have I been doing.

I believe Charles has extensive knowledge within the field of sports science and nutrition which we are always discussing and I have learned quite alot from being around him. He would be perfect for any physique goal a Person may have.