Fad Diets WORK!

Fad Diets WORK

As the New Year comes in you’re probably making a start on some kind of health and fitness goal. I’d also imagine that it probably involves weight loss of some kind.

With one eye on trying to ‘clean up’ your diet or in an attempt to change your nutrition habits somehow you might be looking at one of the classic ‘fad diets’

The Clean 9, Juice Cleanses, South Beach, Weight Watchers and even insane diets like The Werewolf Diet and The Five Bite Diet (Google them) might be up for consideration to really kick-start your Fitness Journey.

Well, let me tell you something that you won’t hear from most Fitness Professionals. All these diets WORK.

Yep, if you stick to these diets to the letter you will lose weight. Now don’t get me wrong, they are NOT the answer to a long-term weight loss solution but they will work for a time. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what makes for an effective fat loss diet.

All these fad diets work because they do all the things you need to do for successful fat loss.

  1. They keep your calorie intake regular and low. On a very basic level, weight loss comes down to a very simple equation. Calories in must be less than calories out. All these diets provide you with a framework to ensure your calorie intake stays low for a long enough time to trigger weight loss.

  2. All these diets provide you with an easy way to stay consistent and committed. Usually with rigid rules, easy (but pricey) shakes or other archaic commandments, which seem so crazy they must be true.

So each of these options will work for you, but only for as long as you can stick with them. Here is the problem

Think of these diets like short term, payday loans. They solve your problem for the month of January but after that you’re going to be paying it back, usually with interest in the form of rebound weight gain.

So actually, not that effective in the long term. Sustainability is KEY. If you’re on a diet/nutrition plan that you cannot see yourself doing for the next 12 months, STOP IT IMMEDIATELY.

You will learn nothing; skip building long term healthy eating habits and success for a quick fix now. THERE IS A BETTER WAY

Here are a few tips that will actually work for long term, SUSTAINABLE weight loss in 2016.

  1. Regulate your calorie intake: don’t worry about what it is, just find a method that works for you. My Fitness Pal, Portion control techniques or pre-prepared meals. Pick something that works and stick with it. Again, if you cant see yourself doing it in December 2016 don’t do it in January 2016.

  2. Pick something active you enjoy doing and do it regularly. Ideally involving some kind of resistance exercises. The missing key to many fad diets is they exclude and, in some cases advise against, physical exercise. Increasing your activity will make weight loss easier, hopefully more enjoyable and you’ll LOOK and FEEL way better than juicing your way to skinny-fatness.

  3. STOP worrying about scale weight. Weight loss is rarely linear, so don’t worry too much if the scale stays the same or even goes up slightly. Tape measurements, how you LOOK in the mirror and how you FEEL are far more important.

  4. Drink more water. This one is so simple that people forgo it in order to do something more complicated and, usually, more expensive. H2O is THE cheapest, least used fat loss supplement in world. Go get it!

At the end of the day, Detoxes or ‘Fat Loss Pills’ are false and empty promises. Usually they just provide you with a mental and financial incentive to hit the gym and eat right. After all if you’ve just paid $400 for a course of snake oil you’ll probably do everything else needed to guarantee results. The truth is if you’d just done it anyway and not spent the extra money you’d be better off, if not even better than you would be anyway.

FINALLY if you’re very serious. Get some good advice. Just like learning to drive. You probably didn’t just jump in the car and off you went. A good coach will help you figure out where the gas pedal is and when you crack (stall in results/weight loss) will be able to show you where you went wrong and what to do next time.

If you need extra help don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s get 2016 off to a good start THE RIGHT WAY.


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