What We Do

What do we do?


We specialise in one-to-one, Very Personal Training as well as individualised online training and nutrition coaching programs. 


We understand that no two people are alike. From their jobs, goals, habits and motivations, all these factors can vary from person to person. We strive to get each client the results they deserve, taking into account every aspect of their lives and tailoring their training and nutrition accordingly.


CDB Fitness utilises a modern day approach to exercise, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle where the key is building and maintaining sustainable habits which lead to long lasting results. Diet and training should not dictate and change a person's life, but should fit in seamlessly with their lifestyle. This is a key factor when it comes to achieving any goals you might set.


Whether it's personal training sessions or individualised coaching plans, we can provide the guiding hand you need to tie exercise, nutrition and a healthy way of living into your lifestyle. Become educated about how to work SMARTER, not harder and get the results you deserve.


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Very Personal Training

If you are based in the UAE, you can train one-to-one for Very Personal Training sessions. Training in person is the perfect way to ensure you are getting the most effective and efficient training as well as having a personal touch when it comes to being provided with additional support with your nutrition and lifestyle coaching.


Taking a modern approach to Personal Training, we believe in there being multiple approaches to getting the results regarding any goal. The personalisation of a full, periodised training program, nutrition plan and healthy lifestyle adjustment is the key factor when it comes to finding a fit to your schedule, eating preferences and using exercises that you enjoy. With two options available, you will be able to find an option to suit your goals and lifestyle.


Individual Skype consultations are available to discuss training, nutrition, lifestyle philosophies and goals-setting and are charged at $70 per hour. Again, apply below on the contact page or buy now through PayPal to schedule a consultation.