Online Training and Nutrition Programming

All online clients are dealt with on an individual basis. No pre-made programs or boring meal plans here.


All programs:

  • Take a flexible approach to training and nutrition so that you can create good habits and fit the training and diet plans into your lifestyle, rather than having them dictate it.

  • Degisn an easy to follow and fully periodised weight training and cardio program, tailored to your goals, experience and favoured exercises.

  • Provide you with an easy to understand "Path To A Fitter You" - an introductory Ebook to ease you into the methods used to change your life and body.

  • Whether it's through the building of good healthy eating habits or controlling your intake through macronutrient and nutrition guidance, you will be in control of you diet and lifestyle throughout the process. We do not write specific meal plans, but instead teach clients how to make good food choices and build healthy eating habits with specific goals in mind.

  • For more advanced goals and clients who require more specific training and nutrition programming, we use iNutrition Pro and MyFitnessPal to program and adjust your macronutritents while providing example meal plans which are easily laid out and easy to follow.


  • Establish and Adjust your INDIVIDUAL flexible dieting calorie and macronutrient needs, as well as provie sample meals and recipies to help you reach your daily nutritional goals.

  • Provide you with a "Power Food Guide" full of high quality, whole food based, low calorie items to help you reach each macronutrient goal.

  • Contact through email/whatsapp/skype for regular check ins or to answer any questions you might have on the way, as well as exercise/form correction in the form of video

After an initial Skype consultation everything will be conducted through e-mail. Programming will be kept updated and weekly check-ins will be arranged to keep you on track and accountable with regards to your goals.


Any questioning or queries you have at any time through out the coaching process will be answered at any time to ensure clients are fully confident in the current phases of their training and diet plans.


If you are interested in getting started with online coaching, or have any questions, click the button below and fill in a INFORMATION FORM.