CDB Fitness offers unique online and personal training, totally focused on health, fitness and lifestyle coaching.

Do you want more from your training, fitness, lifestyle or nutrition plan? Face to face or online, CDB Fitness has helped hundreds of people on their fitness journey, inspiring people to set goals they care passionately about and showing them the road to success.


Whether you're looking for weight-loss, muscle gain, toning or you're preparing for a sporting event, we'll provide the support you need to get your results. You will be guided by the latest training methods, provided with effective, practical and sustainable nutrition advice and you'll be able to draw on the wealth of experience collected from years of helping people all around the world.


Personal Training and Online Coaching should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. CDB Fitness aims to put the 'personal' back into personal training and take ordinary online coaching and make it something special. Taking into account individual needs, lifestyles and preferences, no goal is too big. 

Charles Barclay
Head Coach
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After graduating from university I immediately began pursuising my passion for Health and Fitness. I have worked accross the world from The USA to The UAE, competed in various sports from the Abu Dhabi Triathlon, UMFF Physique Competition, CrossFit Competitions and water polo. I understand the needs of someone completely new to building a healthy lifestyle but also the needs of a competitive athlete. Versatility of training and a broad and deep knowledge base allow me to adapt to the needs of the individual.


No goal is too big!